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Made-To-Order Promotions for
Best-In-Class Health & Wellness Products

At Acquisition Kitchen, we connect engaged audiences with best-in-class products and cook up fresh performance campaigns that educate your customers and pay you for your efforts. Our boutique approach takes the archaic affiliate model, tips it on it’s head and cuts through the B.S.

This is about building creative & long lasting relationships vs. hollow one-time hits.

Product Checklist

Serving Up Made-To-Order Campaigns for Every Appetite


The P.S.
Add a P.S. to your email with a link to one of our products & make commissions.

Multi-Product Email
Send an email that includes our product(s) amongst a list of others.

Review Page
We’ll serve you up the content and data to write your own review pages.

Podcast Guest
A hot n’ ready podcast guest prepared to provide educational content for your audience, not a promotion.

main course


Solo Email
Send a dedicated email to your list that we help you craft in your voice.

Webinar / Video Series
Provide educational content to your audience that leads to a sale.

Multi-Email Sequence
Send multiple emails to your list providing value, education, and driving more sales.

Paid Traffic
Provide traffic to your offer page, paid for by Acquisition Kitchen, to drive your long term sales and receive more opt-ins to your site.


Ongoing traffic push
Depending on the performance of your initial promotion we can discuss paid media and other campaigns to drive traffic to your review pages, etc.

Integrated Campaigns
We’ll work with you to put together emails for your auto responders and help you identify additional ways to squeeze the most juice out of your campaigns.


Who’s Invited to Our Kitchen?


Audience Owners

[Affiliates, Publishers, Influencers]
You have a tribe of followers who know and trust you. You care about them, and want to give them access to innovative and proven health products, while also being rewarded for your time and effort.


[Merchants & Advertisers]
You have a proven, innovative health product (real science) that helps out humanity. You care about your customers, provide excellent customer service, and understand how to communicate your message.

Our “Secret Sauce”


  • Best-in-class health and wellness products
  • Clinically researched and proven effective
  • Relevant, in-demand products and supplements
  • Exclusive offers
  • Competitive commissions


  • Made-to-order promotions
  • High-quality and engaging email, web, and video content
  • Knowledgeable podcast guests
  • Ongoing traffic push to your site
  • Integrated, high-performing campaigns
Merchant Logos
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Partner with Acquisition Kitchen

  • High-converting campaigns you’ll be proud to promote
  • Best-in-class health and wellness products backed by science
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with merchants who actually care about their products, their mission, their audience, and their customers


Take a look at what these professionals are saying about Acquisition Kitchen.

Christine Faler Image

Can I tell you how much I LOVE Acquisition Kitchen? I have all the same problems as every Marketing Director with a large audience: an inbox overflowing with affiliate pitches (most of which aren’t a fit), dealing with tons of different platforms and affiliate managers, and crappy marketing materials I have to rewrite completely. It’s a significant waste of time with very little return.

Then Acquisition Kitchen came along: best-in-class products I’m proud to promote and just one point of contact (who’s actually taken the time to LEARN about my audience). All the marketing assets are vetted and optimized by experienced marketers with 20+ years in the biz. They pay on time. And the best part? When a follower reaches out to say THANK YOU for turning them on to a product that’s enhanced their life. That’s a great feeling.

This is a new and better way to do affiliate marketing. I can’t recommend Acquisition Kitchen highly enough.

Christine Faler

Marketing Director, Paleo Valley

Katie Wells Wellness Mama image

Turning our audience onto unique and effective health solutions is a big part of what we do at Wellness Mama. But vetting and researching all the products that come our way is both time consuming and challenging.

What we love about Acquisition Kitchen is that they only bring us unique, well-researched products that are a fit for our audience. A bonus is that usually the scientists behind these products are AMAZING podcast guests, leading to great content and new friendships.

We also like that they do the heavy lifting, are very creative with driving revenue and value our time.

Katie Wells

Founder, Wellness Mama, Top rated health blog and podcast

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